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For Pittsburgh Carpet Choose Twin Flooring

For the best in Pittsburgh Carpet choose Twin Flooring.  We have been doing business in the Pittsburgh area for over 25 years.  We are committed to quality work provided by an experienced and professional staff, backed by excellent customer service.  We are members of the Better Business Bureau and especially proud of our perfect service record.

What helps set us apart is our 10-point check list that is completed on every job.  Quality work is our number one goal, and this check list helps us make sure we complete every task to the high professional standards that have made us the best flooring company in the Pittsburgh area for over 25 years.

Carpet Installation Pittsburgh

When it comes to getting your Pittsburgh carpet installed, Twin Flooring is your go-to resource.  We sell and install residential and commercial carpeting, vinyl sheet goods, hard wood and ceramic floors.  We are Pittsburgh’s best flooring option and no job is too small or too big.  Whether it’s for your home or business, we know how important it is to provide you with the quality and service you desire and deserve.  Our well-trained and experienced staff takes pride in making sure you are completely satisfied, from the start of the project through completion.  We are there to answer any questions and will work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied throughout the planning, installation and completion of the project.

Contact us today to find out what the best flooring options are for your needs.

Need Carpet Repair Pittsburgh?

If you’re in the greater Pittsburgh area and need to find the best carpet repair company, then contact the professionals at Twin Flooring.  Why Twin flooring?

We provide you with:

  • Experience and quality workmanship
  • Our highly-regarded shop at home format – tell us what you need and we’ll bring the samples to your home. We’ll even bring a variety of options to help you compare, price and understand what works best for your carpet repair needs.
  • Quick, reliable service: We do the job right, we do it efficiently and we do it with great service.
  • Our staff knows how important this project is for you and your home or business. That’s why for Pittsburgh Carpet you can trust Twin Flooring to deliver all the carpet, installation and repair needs on time, within budget and with outstanding customer service.

Twin Flooring #1 for Pittsburgh Carpet

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