Trendy Floor Tile Designs for a Stylish Look in Any Room

Trendy Floor Tile Designs for a Stylish Look in Any Room

Ceramic tile flooring is a great way to not only provide a durable and low maintenance flooring option for your home, but it is also the perfect way to add an accent of bright color or a custom design to areas in your home like your kitchen or bathroom where long life and style are key. Here at Twin Flooring we are experts in ceramic tile installation and repair, making quality our top priority when it comes to your floor tile design needs.

Ceramic Tile Flooring- A Versatile Flooring Option
Ceramic tile flooring gives style to any area, making it a perfect way to brighten or accent flooring in the bathroom, kitchen, or living room. Tile is durable, easy to maintain, and has a wide range of design options. Tile is also very cost-effective and is easy to repair, making it ideal for high traffic areas in your home.

In addition to ceramic tile offering strength and ease of installation, it is also very customizable. Tile can be arranged by our expert staff in a wide range of patterns with a mix of many bright or neutral colors or glazed and painted designs, to give you the look that you desire.

Popular Floor Tile Designs to Add Style to Your Home
A surprising new design in flooring is painted or glazed tile that gives the look of poured concrete without the labor, moisture retention, and weight that comes with using concrete slabs. Ceramic tile made to look like concrete is an ideal accent for any room where a streamlined, modern look is desired. Tile glazed or painted to look like stone is also a popular design option.

Another interesting trend in flooring is ceramic tile that mimics the look of hardwood. This tile is available in a variety of grain styles for a worn or sleek look and comes in a variety of plank or square sizes. This type of tile can be used to accent any room from the kitchen to the bedroom for an easy to maintain and moisture resistant alternative to hardwood flooring.

Ceramic tile is also available with a more delicate look and can be used to mimic intricate area rug or carpet designs. This gives you a chance to utilize the style and look of carpeting with bright colors or ornate designs where traditional carpeting would not be practical, like in the bathroom or kitchen. It is also ideal for living rooms or other high traffic areas in the home since it is low maintenance.

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