The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

A popular trend in home design is installing hardwood floors. They come in many style and colors that can be customized to to fit your vision. However, it is not an easy decision to make. In order to find out if hardwood is the right choice for you, you need to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making such a dramatic change to you home. Check out some of the main pros and cons listed below.


1. Durability. Wood is a very resilient material. It can last for many years to come if taken care of properly, making your investment well worth it.

2. Design. One of the main reasons homeowners choose hardwoods is because of their undeniable beauty. Offering rich tones and colors, wood flooring can elevate the look and feel of any room.

3. Easy maintenance. If you happen to spill or have an accident on these floors, they are very easy to clean. The mess usually wipes right up due to their strong finishes that lock out moisture and dirt. If the damage happens to be more substantial, such as scratches, all hope is not lost either. A simple sanding repair can return the floor to looking like new.


1. Money. The biggest reason not to purchase hardwood flooring is its high cost. This option is significantly more expensive than carpeting or other flooring options. Even though hardwoods eventually pay for themselves in the long run by increasing a home’s value, it is not an automatic return. Repairs over time also will cost you money, as well. Be sure you are ready to spend what they are worth.

2. Temperature. Larger homes with wood floors tend to be draftier and can feel colder in the wintertime. Even with proper insulation, the floor’s cold, slick nature may not feel very comfortable underneath your bare feet.

3. Wear and Tear. With high traffic, comes scratches, marks, and damages. Even though the repair is minimal, having your floor occasionally treated can feel like a burden. They must be regularly maintained to achieve the long-lasting beauty that hardwoods can bring to a home.

Consider all your options and what you want out of your floors when making this very important decision. Though hardwood floors add elevate style and long-term value to a home, they can also be tiring to maintain and initially expensive. Make sure you know what to expect and do all your research. To further improve this decision process, make sure you consult the experts at Twin Flooring. Even if you decide against hardwoods, they can help you choose a flooring option that better suits your needs. Give them a call today at (412) 901-8946.

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