Plush Carpet Installation Renews Look Inside Pittsburgh Home

Twin Flooring was scheduled for a carpet installation for a customer in Pittsburgh. The carpet that the customer had in his home had been there since he purchased the home twenty-five years ago. It’s a good thing that Don called us when he did, because the carpet was not offering any warmth or appearance. The customer had selected a plush replacement for his home. The Twin Flooring carpet installers arrived promptly as scheduled. We carefully removed the furniture in the room, then removed the current carpet. Once we cleaned and prepped the floor, we installed the new plush carpet, then replaced the furniture. Our customer came in when we were finished with the installation and said, “Wow guys, you did a great job!” We chatted with him for a bit and asked him how he heard about our company. He said he noticed our company’s truck at his neighbor’s home, then went over there and their carpet looked great, so he decided to use us for his home, too.

Twin Flooring would like to thank you for trusting us with your carpeting. Twin Flooring also offers a wide range of flooring to satisfy each need. Contact Twin Flooring and let us discuss our flooring services with you!

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