Commercial Grade Carpet Installed in Pittsburgh Office

We had a customer who needed carpeting at his office. He currently had tile flooring, and was worried that a customer of his would slip on it and become injured. There were also several tiles that had missing pieces. The Twin Flooring carpet installers arrived on time to install the commercial grade carpet for the customer. We were scheduled to do the install on Sunday, when his business was closed. The customer chose this type of carpet, but the carpet also had a plush feel, so it added depth and an appealing factor, too. The workers had the carpet installed in a few hours, then we called the customer to let him know that his carpet was completed. He called us Monday to let us know that his carpeting looked wonderful. He said he thought he was walking into a different office, because it looked so good. He said our team did an excellent job! We asked him while we had him on the phone how he heard about our company, and he said his employee recommended us.

Twin Flooring would like to thank you for choosing us, and trusting us with your carpeting. Twin Flooring does all homes, offices and all types of flooring. We offer ceramic, hardwood, vinyl and all carpeting. Contact us anytime you need our services in the future.

Add a more comfortable feel to your office by calling Pittsburgh’s carpet leader!

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