Carpet Pittsburgh

Shaw Berber Carpet Enhances Pittsburgh Rooms

We had a Pittsburgh customer who needed her current carpeting replaced, because it was over twenty years old and worn out. Twin Flooring gave thousands of choices for her to select from, and she chose a Shaw brand of carpeting with a Berber texture. She selected the perfect color to match her rooms, then weContinue Reading

Pittsburgh’s Carpet Installation For a Budget

We were out on another call for carpet installation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a young couple, Mark and Angela Ward. The couple had just recently purchased a fixer-upper home and was wanting carpet installation done in several rooms. The couple was on a tight budget. We went over the carpet options with the couple, thenContinue Reading

Pittsburgh Carpet Installation

Our company got a call from a Julie Cooper, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was looking for a flooring company that could do carpet installation within 72 hours. She had ordered new furniture that was going to be delivered in 3 days, and had to have new carpet down before the furniture arrived. All the otherContinue Reading

Do Flooring Products Have Warranties?

Most flooring products will come with a warranty, but what does this warranty cover? Flooring products offer a warranty that can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The warranty is very specific when it comes to your flooring installation, along with the maintenance involved with the flooring. The flooring contractor should go over the warranty inContinue Reading

Pittsburgh Wood Floor Finish

If you are wondering how drastically a wood finishing job can change the color of your wood floors, check out the recent job we finished! Continue Reading

Carnegie Wood Floor Installation

We were servicing a customer out in Carnegie, Pennsylvania for a wood flooring installation. This family had never had wood flooring before, and with young children and a dog, they needed to have a durable surface to withstand some damage. We set an appointment to go over the different flooring options, and after we mentionedContinue Reading

Pittsburgh Wood Floor Installation

We were servicing a customer in Pittsburgh with a wood floor installation. When we come out we bring a few samples of similar wood flooring options to show you what your floors could look like. We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of all the options, lifespan etc. to ensure that you are satisfied withContinue Reading

What Kind of Maintenance Do I Need To Do With Hardwood Floors?

In order to keep your hardwood floors looking amazing, knowing how to maintain them is essential Hardwood floors have to be maintained daily to keep them looking great, but also to keep them lasting for years and years to come. Daily sweeping is recommended for hardwood floors. Homeowners should use a soft cloth dust mopContinue Reading

How Long Should Carpet Last?

There is no set number on how long carpet should last a homeowner A carpet’s lifespan depends on the people that use the carpet, who lives in your home, the area where you live, and what is done on the carpet. Carpet is known to last several years and can last many years if itContinue Reading

What Is The Most Durable Flooring Product?

What Is The Most Durable Flooring Product?

Homeowners have different needs that they want flooring to provide for their home There are many durable flooring products available for homeowners to choose from. One of the most durable flooring products available for homeowners is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring provides beauty, durability and is long lasting. Hardwood flooring can add the most value toContinue Reading

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