Berber Carpet Replaces Wood Floors in Pittsburgh Bedroom

Twin Flooring was scheduled to give service to a customer in Pittsburgh. Our customer wanted new Berber Stain Master carpet installed in her home. She had hardwood flooring in her three bedrooms, and she wanted carpet installed instead. We arrived on time and started the installation. She had a place where our team could put the furniture while we did the installation. We installed the carpet, then put all of the furniture back into the spaces. We had her inspect the work and give us her final approval before we left. She said she was glad she went with the Berber instead of plush, because it looked so great. We asked her how she heard about Twin Flooring and she said she did a search online, and Twin Flooring came up. She said she looked over our website, and past customer reviews, so she called us. She said Twin Flooring had more options and the price was affordable, so she choose us.

We would like to thank you for trusting us with your home and carpet. Twin Flooring has been providing homeowner’s with excellent flooring services for over twenty-five years. Twin Flooring offers other carpeting too; we offer Stain Master, Mohawk, Masland and all styles of carpeting. Contact us anytime you need any additional carpeting installed.

For mor information on our flooring services for the Pittsburgh area, click here!

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